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Thank You

Happy Friday!

In only one week, we have raised $410!  What a great start! Thank you to everyone who donated!

Thank you in Amharic.

Stay tuned next Friday…we’ve got our Valentine Sale coming up!

Have a great weekend everyone,



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From Far and Wide

Dear Friends:

We’re on our way! I am hearing from you all…from far and wide!   I can’t wait to upate that thermometer next week.

Thank you for caring so much!

Shari     xoxox

Thank you Niagara Snow Angel!

Thanks so much Florida Sunshine!

Merci Swiss Ski Bunny!

Choukran Dubai Darling!

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And we’re off!!

Hey!!  We just got our first donation!  $50!  THANK YOU!

It’s like earning your first “buck”…worthy of a frame!

And a bouquet of flowers to my dear friend who donated it…you know who you are!

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January 27, 2011

Hi Everyone  and Welcome:

Thanks for checking out this blog and for your interest in building a children’s library in Ethiopia. In 2011,  I am committed to raising $10,000 to donate to an organization called “Ethiopia Reads” in order to establish a children’s library in rural Ethiopia. Today, January 27, is International Family Literacy Day, and I want to get this fundraiser started!

Ethiopia Reads is a great little organization, and I am proud to be associated with them. They have been around since 1998, established their first library in 2003 and have already “planted” about 45 Children’s Libraries plus 7 donkey-mobiles.  I did some volunteer work with them when I travelled to Ethiopia in May and June 2007, and I’ve stayed in touch ever since.They are dedicated to building libraries and to developing a culture of reading for future generations of Ethiopian children…a topic that I am particularly passionate about (See the REASON page!). Imagine never being able to read or never even holding a book!!

For complete details about Ethiopia Reads, please check out their website, which I have linked here on the blogroll.  Their website is FULL of very detailed information about what they are currently doing. They are creating a special page for our “Canadian Library” in order to make donations across borders a little easier.  You can also find out a little more here on this blog, specifically how you can get involved and  what your $10,000 will fund

I started pondering the idea of this fundraiser over the Christmas holidays, but was unsure if I could do it.  So, I started leaking the idea out to family and friends, and the positive response and support from them was overwhelming. I realized then that “I” couldn’t do it, but “WE” could. Of course, some of the very first people to respond (in addition to my Mom, of course!) were children.  My dear friend Carolyn, her husband Wayne and their 3 daughters gave me a lovely Christmas letter, pledging to do whatever they could to help from baking cookies to raking leaves! THANKS!!!

ME to WE!!!

So girls, we’re kicking things off with you!  Our first fundraiser will be a Valentine’s Day Bake Sale at Niagara College.  In addition to the girls, my Mom, my sister and my dearest friends and colleagues are now sifting through their cookie recipe books and getting ready for the big bake-off.  My colleagues and students at Niagara College are poised and ready to sell (and EAT!).  A special thanks goes out to the Niagara College International Club and the ESL Team of  Volunteers! What a wonderful way to start…with something sweet on a day of love!

But that’s not all we’ve got planned.  Check out the fundraising page to see what’s coming up.  Every donation, no matter how small is welcome and will make a difference.  And, if you have a fundraising idea or you want to get involved…just drop me a line! I need all the help I can get!

So folks,  if you care about kids, reading and learning, then stick around.  It’s going to be a fun year and in the end…we’ll have a LIBRARY for some kids who really need it!

Many thanks to you all.



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